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Enchanter’s Nightshade

Enchanter's Nightshade - 1st of Febuary 2012

Enchanter’s Nightshade – 1st of February 2012

Briony kidded at 430pm on Friday the 1st of February. Another large single male kid, with legs. Lots of legs.

Bets had been being placed as to when she would kid as she had been looking fit to bust for some weeks; the favorite had changed from Sunday afternoon when we were all out for my Grandmothers birthday to the very late hours of the following Sunday or Monday when I would be back at work and away for another week but she chose Friday so I would have a few days to play with the new baby before heading off again.

She did much better this year and cleaned him up, even shortening his cord which was stopping him standing, and giving him his first feed. She kept him over night as he had had a good feed and was doing well but by midmorning the next day he was hungry and was chilly right through so came away.

Enchanter's Nightshade - 1st of Febuary 2012

Enchanter’s Nightshade – 1st of February 2012

This year is an E year for names and so he has been named Enchantment and will be registered as Enchanter’s Knightshade as he will very probably be Knightshade last ever kid.

Mother found the name in a book (E is not a letter that inspires me greatly), it is a name for Circaea lutetiana which is a member of the Evening Primrose family and it is native to Europe, Middle Asia and Siberia. They grow in woods in deep shade and moist environments on nitrogen-containing clay.

Enchanter's Nightshade - 1st of Febuary 2012

Enchanter’s Nightshade – 1st of February 2012

He spent his second night with me and proved himself a fast learner and had mastered the tricky skill needed to walk on laminate flooring and even climbing the first few stairs by the time he left with me the next morning.

A surprise start to ‘D’ year…

When I up-dated my facebook page and Twitter feed that the first signs of kidding were appearing I didn’t realise just how close we were; 

2012 first new arrival - 14th January 2012

2012 first new arrival - 14th January 2012

 Briony kidded that very night!

‘He’ still doesn’t have a name but is a love start to our year of ‘D’ names and my first third generation of breeding. We have had to take him away from Briony as he wasn’t very quick to his feet and got a bit chilled, a warm feed and a night by a radiator later and he is a strong little boy but is still not very sorted with his feet so will be completely hand reared.

Maude kids

Maude finally kidded yesterday, a little boy who weights 3.7kg. He is very strong and lively and has already learnt how to get in with the older goat kids.

Maude's kid - 14th May 2010

Asleep on my lap - 14th May 2010

There are some more photo on my Flickr stream


I’m a little bit last with everything this week, I went on a residental at the weekend which was great fun. It was in Wales by a beach, I haven’t been to the beach for ages and I also liked the beach at this time of year.


We spent loads of time on the beach and I collected one and a half carrier bags of cuttlefish for the quail. It made me really happy, and the quail love cuttlefish. They were all very sandy and some had bits of ‘meat’ on:


On Monday I was given some new quail as well. Someone contacted me about them a few weeks ago from a new quail forum I’ve joined. Any way, they are all lovely and I can’t wait for them to start laying.


And my quail eggs started to hatch yesterday. 

When I got home on Sunday night there was some babies in the kitchen:


They were born on Saturday night, their mum has been looking like she’s been going to kid any day for a couple of weeks now. I even spent last Thursday night getting up to check on her as she was looking ‘odd’. there really isn’t an easy way to explain how a goat, or anything else, looks before they give birth. There are all the signs you get once they have started but once you’ve lived along side animals for a while you just seem to know. It’s nice, it’s a part of living with animals that I really enjoy being able to communitcate without any sort of noise. And they do it back too, I often use to spend time in the goat pen/houses when I was younger just sitting or reading and they would know if I was up-set about something and always come and sit close and nussle my face. 

Any way, the kids mum wasn’t very good with them and kept knocking them across the house if the stood up so they are in the kitchen. Their mum is very up-set about it and crys everytime you walk past her house or go out to milk her (she’s also started drinking milk from herself) it’s very sad but if she’s going to treat her babies like that than nothing else can be done.