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New Chooks


There are thirteen ex-free range hens now living where the meat chickens use to be. All of our other hens are starting to ‘get on’ a bit and so we need some new egg layers. And they are already laying eggs, one yesterday and five today.


Our first egg from them

I like the number thirteen, ‘a bakers dozen’, it reminds me of icing and current-buns.

White Texas A & M Quail

I started some more eggs off in the incubator the Friday-before-last, I bought 24 White Texas A&M eggs to try and have 11 of my own eggs in there as well. The time has gone really quickly, they’re due to start hatching a week tomorrow.

I’ve only put in eggs from one of my quail houses as I didn’t have a very good hatch rate last time. Out of 22 eggs, 5 hatched (but only 3 lived), 2 dead in shell and the rest of the eggs were empty. When I started to think about it I realized that the male in the house with the most girls is about 2 – 2 ½ years old, which is very old by quail standards. I will see how this hatch goes and possibly do some moving around, I’m just not sure what to do with the old male if it turns out he’s no longer fertile. I don’t want to having him living on his own, but I don’t want to keep him with hens that I could be using for breeding. I’ll just have to see.   

I’ve started keeping a log this time as well, it’s part of my ‘be more organized in 2009’ plan.

A bit of an egg

I doubt I would have enough found this egg if I hadn’t had just cleaned the cage out and put down newspaper instead of wood shavings: