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Seeds, more seeds and seedlings

My seeds from ebay arrived the other day.

Unfortunatly the sweet corn seeds that I bought aren’t eatable ones, I should have read the listing more carefully, which meant a trip to the garden centre to buy some more seeds asap to plant now, and a few others. 

My trays of pea seeds are coming through nicely now, they’re to go on the new bed I almost finished the other day. There should be 200 of them but I’m still tempted to put another 100 or so to grow as it’s going to be the last planting of the year.

I’m not very good at judging space for plants, and things often end up being planted a little to close together where I’ve got carried away with how many plants will actully fit into a bed. 

Seed Order

I’ve just placed an order for a load of seeds from ebay, all I was really after was some non-F1 sweetcorn seeds but I ended up buying a few more as well including bush runner beans, bush sweetpeas, stawberry seeds (never grown stawberries from seed) peppermint, borage (for bees, and I’m sure it can be used for something else as well but can’t remember right now) and Danish Flay Poppies which next to the sea poppies are my favourite.


Since I stopped buying loads of stuff I didn’t really need from ebay I never really get any interesting post anymore, so it was extra nice this morning to get a little package full of cuttlefish fresh from the beach for the quail.

Thank you to TheGirlsMum from the River Cottage Forum who sent them to me!