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Pay It Forward: The Gift

I spend too much time on Facebook and despair of myself for doing so but every so often something catches my eye, someone posts a link or makes a comment that leads me off somewhere.

Pay It Forward Gift Card- 1st February 2011

Pay It Forward Gift Card- 1st February 2011

One such comment was from Tracey Smith, who is the author of  The Book of Rubbish Ideas, when she started (or possibly carried on) a ‘Pay It Forward’ handmade gift exchange. The idea is that she will send out three handmade items to the first three people who respond, who in turn repost the comment and send out three handmade items to the next three and so on.

I was number three to reply and before going away received this lovely ‘slow down’ tea card, Thank you Tracey! Now I have my ‘Pay It Forwards’ to make and send on to Anthea, Sue, Ren and Jane. I just have to set up my craft things and decided what to make.

Beads, wool and spinning

Last week I was ill, it was the horrid flu-y, chest infection thing that everyone else has had and I promised I would get. It wasn’t very nice at all, and even after a week on antibiotics, and two weeks of large doses of Vit C and eating as much garlic as possible with every meal (I haven’t really minded that) I still have a little bit of a chest infection.A few years ago I would have loved the idea of spending a week in bed watching Tele, but I got really bored. It did give me time to do some indoor crafts though, I’ve been meaning for a while to try making a seed-bead Christmas tree:


And I un-did all the knitting that I had done and started again, it looked to me like I had dropped a lot of stitches but I had only dropped one along the way.



I started on my first ‘round’ as well, using four double-pointed needles. I did think that I would try knitting a whole mini sock as practice but after I looked up how to knit a heel I gave up, as I had nowhere near enough stitches. I also got chance to carry on with my drop spindle.