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Christmas tree earrings

Seed bead Christmas tree earrings in green and redWell, the long dark evenings really do seem to be the time to spend being crafty and making things, in between my habit of wasting a lot of time on the internet which I’m getting increasingly annoyed with myself for doing.

This time it has been seed beading and I have been making little Christmas tree earrings. I came up with the design half way through December last year, when it was much too late to really do anything with but I was pleased with the idea.

Seed bead Christmas tree earrings in green and redI have been planning on making some and maybe taking them to Christmas craft markets with a friend since October, and so far I have managed to make the grand total of… TWO PAIRS.

I have added the green and gold pair to my Etsy shop as I do plan on making more and adding them before the end of the festive period, it is still not quite December the 1st after all. With the red and green pair, the very first complete pair that I made, I would like to send them to one of my blog readers.

I have seen a few give aways and posts about things that people have ‘won’ or been given lately and it seems a nice idea, and as they are the first pair that I have made I would like them to go somewhere special where they will have a story attached to them.

So if you would like a chance of ‘winning’ them please leave me a message saying so, making sure that you include a valid email address in the formy bit. On the 5th of December I will put everyone’s names into a hat, or more likely a bowl or box, and pull one out. Simples (yes, I have been watching the meerkat advert)

Beads, wool and spinning

Last week I was ill, it was the horrid flu-y, chest infection thing that everyone else has had and I promised I would get. It wasn’t very nice at all, and even after a week on antibiotics, and two weeks of large doses of Vit C and eating as much garlic as possible with every meal (I haven’t really minded that) I still have a little bit of a chest infection.A few years ago I would have loved the idea of spending a week in bed watching Tele, but I got really bored. It did give me time to do some indoor crafts though, I’ve been meaning for a while to try making a seed-bead Christmas tree:


And I un-did all the knitting that I had done and started again, it looked to me like I had dropped a lot of stitches but I had only dropped one along the way.



I started on my first ‘round’ as well, using four double-pointed needles. I did think that I would try knitting a whole mini sock as practice but after I looked up how to knit a heel I gave up, as I had nowhere near enough stitches. I also got chance to carry on with my drop spindle.