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Oh where oh where can my little cat be

Biscuit - 4th April 2011

Biscuit - 4th April 2011

This weekend has been an emotional wringer; late Saturday afternoon we let the cats out to roam around the garden whilst we were home, it started to get dark and we called them back in but only two arrived back. We waited some more, had dinner and it went completely dark; still no sign of Biscuit.

Rhys stayed up most of the night waiting for her to come back from wherever she was, still nothing and still no sign at 5am when I got up for the sheep run and still nothing when I got home. In fact nothing all day.

Sunday evening I sat outside in the dark listening and waiting; maybe if she had got shut in someones shed then I would hear her calling but nothing. I heard two cats growling at each other but only caught sight of one of them.

Monday morning I phoned all vets in the area, and in the two neighbouring area; still nothing. I made a poster and printed off a load before leaving for work, emailing Rhys asking to call in at the neighbours asking if they had seen her and leave a poster if there was no reply.

She was home safe and sound by the time I got in from work. She’d been hanging around for the whole time she was ‘missing’ and just playing silly buggers.

Growing up and moving on

The last week or so has been a bit of a rollercoaster and I haven’t known whether I’ve been coming or going really, I have been moody, sad and very, very excited with a little bit of stressed mix in for good measure.

Firstly middles died, which was different in an odd way to if she had been something else. I know about lambs or goat kids dying, I know that sometimes they are born to weak to make it and you sort of get a second sence and just know it somehow, you still try your best and do all you can to keep them going and ask could I have done more or something different. I know lambs and goat kids, I know how they should be but I don’t know kittens in the same way. I have read up on what you should do but it is not the same and still felt like guess work bringing them up and so I just don’t know if I would have spotted something, or done something differently if I had had more experience and grown up with kittens the same way as I have grown up with sheep and goats.  

Snowy tree - 23rd December 2010

Snowy tree - 23rd December 2010

Then there has been all the snow this week; which has more or less been something and nothing. It has meant more work in some ways, middle-young-sister has not been able to make it home until today, Rhys has worked from home a few times when he got sent home because of the snow but we seem to have been a lot better set up for it this year than others and so there hasn’t been any walking for miles to get to anyone with their dinner or anything like that.

And then there has been the excitement, the supressed excitement (incase full-blown shouting it excitement meant it didn’t happen) and the stress of sorting out and return all the paper work, with no working printer might I add, and then the waiting for the checks to go through…

Until me and Rhys collected the keys to our new house yesterday morning!!!! 

My new house - 23rd December 2010

My new house - 23rd December 2010

We shall be starting 2011 together in our own, three bedroom with a lovely kitchen, utility room AND gardens front and back, house two villages over. It is going to be a big change, but a positive one and I am very much looking forward to running my own home and hopefully setting it up in as ‘green’ a way as possible.

My garden - 23rd December 2010

My garden - 23rd December 2010

RIP Little Middles

Middles died on Friday.

Last Sunday she was off her food and when we did manage to get her to eat something on Monday was sick almost straight away so we took her to our vets first thing on Tuesday. They put her on a drip and kept her in to try to find out what was wrong. On Wednesday they got her to eat and it sounded like she might be coming home but she was sick again later.

Middles at about two months old, with Baggie - August 2010

Middles at about two months old, with Baggie - August 2010

On Thursday she was given some special beads so as they could track them by x-ray through her system, which confirmed some sort of blockage stopping food passing any further and so on Friday morning they operated to remove whatever was causing the blockage.

The kittens first meal - 1st August 2010

The kittens first meal - 1st August 2010

They found she had intercuception (not sure about the spelling) which is where the stomach or intestines fold in on themselves and carry on folding in on themselves when food is taken through the digestive system until causing a blockage.

The operation was a success and they removed the effected part of her intestines but she died as she was coming round from the anesthetic.

Cat litter

Well, the kittens have now turned into little cats almost and touch wood are doing ok at litter training.

We don’t normally have litter trays in the house as the cats all pretty much come and go as they please, even when the kittens were first born Biscuit wasn’t shut in with them until they had started exploring but weren’t big enough to be left out on their own and even then it was only when we weren’t home.

I haven’t liked buying cat litter; most cat litter is made from clay and although I am not sure how or why I remember it being explained to me how unsustainable and bad this was, something to do with the mining for the clay or maybe where it comes from? If anyone knows more than I’d be really interested as my google searches haven’t turned anything up.**

My google searches did turn up information about wood based cat litter which is made from ‘wastage’ from soft wood industries. It is basically little pellets of saw dust.

We have been experimenting with it and so far have tried two different brands – Morrison’s own brand and The Co-op’s own brand – and both have been pretty much the same just a little different in colour (however the Morrison’s one does come in plastic packaging whereas the Co-ops one comes in a paper one).  

There is one big downside to this kind of cat litter though; when the pellets get wet they swell and turn back to wood dust which seems to stick to the cats feet and so they walk it everywhere meaning that it is only really practical to use in the short-term.

It’s little things like this that mean a lot of people chose not to use the most eco-friendly option and it drives me mad but is something I’m not really sure how it can be dealt with.

**UPDATE – MyZeroWaste has posted about this subject this morning and it explains why clay cat litter is bad MyZeroWaste

A weekend of half dones

Last weekend was hot, I was off Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I think only on the Thursday was it cool enough to be outside working all day. The other days had a few hours mid-afternoon that just had to be spend sat inside in the cool until outside was cooler.

So really it doesn’t feel like much was done, Rhys did very well at cleaning the kitchen. We started taking down an old chicken shed ready for a move round and new goat pen, we collected and shredded a load of gorse for the goats and picked branches for them all but Sunday, changed over the water butt by the goats as the old one had started to drip and we were given a much bigger one, gave most of the sacks of muck that had been collected away on Freecycle (me and mummy were told a very funny story about mice and shampoo), I picked out wood for splitting one of the goat houses in two ready for kidding at the start of next month but we didn’t actually manage to split the house.

I half-heartly started planting some more potato’s in sacks (we eat alot of potatoes and I can’t bare the thought of any being left in the ground so they’re all going in sacks) but gave up because of the heat. I thought about planting some carrots and beetroot in the garden (cats have messed mummy’s up) but never got out there to do so.

Ooh, I did pick up some ‘new’ hutches for the quail to go in from someone belonging to LETS, it’s my first time spending Deans and the people I got the hutches from had an interesting holding and might want some quail…

…Basically lots of things got started and were on My List but never got finished.

The good and the bad

Today has been a mixed day.

I had an interview this afternoon for a local sessional play ranger job, I applied for it last month and I’ve been really hope I’d get it. It sounds like a great project to be involved with and is only just starting in the area. I got the job!

My birthday pressie from Rhys also arrived, a laptop, so I can now start writing sat on my bed which is where I do my best thinking. Having things on computer might mean that I finally do something with ‘it’ (short stories, etc.) instead of just having it all in different note pads.

This evening I found my youngest sisters cat, she’d been missing for a few weeks and we’d all been hoping that she would just turn up but she was under my bed dead, which has put a nasty tint on things this evening. Poot wasn’t our oldest cat but she must have been 12 years old now, it is better to know what has happened then not though.