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Our Farm by Rosie Boycott

PICT0105Whilst I was away I finally managed to finish reading Our Farm by Rosie Boycott.

I use to read all of the time, I remember once finishing a book in one sitting one night just so as I would be able to take it back to the library van the next day and get my whole twelve books that I was allowed out on my card ready for the next fortnight’s reading but I don’t seem to get some much time for it now, or I lose interest and never finish whichever book it is.

I bought this book for mother a few Christmas’s ago and have been reading it ever since she finished reading it, so far it as taken me over a year but it was very worth it. As well as telling some of the story of her smallholding it is also a wealth of knowledge about many other related subjects. It charges the coming of a Tesco’s store to the market town her smallholding is near, the worries that the shop keepers have and the fight to stop a new one-way system in the town that will divert all the traffic away from the town towards the new Tesco’s store before anyone could reach the high street. Especially interesting as there is a Tescos planned for my local market town.

It also is a very good starting point for many other interesting subjects that I might not have thought to look into other wise.