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Homoepathy; A guide to nature medicine by Phyllis Speight

In October I started a four year Homeopathy practitioners course at The Contemporary College of Homeopathy. We have used bits of homeopathy all my life and after suffering some very nasty side effects at the beginning of last year I have decided to step away from ‘modern medicine’ which I now feel lacks effectiveness to treat people and instead just focuses on symptoms and suppressing them often with medicine, that causes more ill-effect, instead of righting the problem.

I saw a homeopath when I was much younger and last year returned to see her again which has really helped me. When I told her I was planning to start the practitioners course she recommended the book that had first inspired her to study homeopathy: Homoepathy A Guide to Nature Medicine by Phyllis Speight and even lent me her copy in case it was no longer available.

Although there have been many homeopathic books on the book case throughout my childhood and I even owned some books on the subject myself this was the first book on the subject I read from cover to cover rather than referring to it as a reference book for such-and-such ailment.

The book is divided into two parts; the first part starts with a basic introduction of the subject before moving onto chapters about Samual Hahnemann, who is considered as the founder of homeopathy, and more detail about the theory , homeopath first aid remedies and how it can support other medical interventions such as surgery.

The second part of the book is case histories from Phyllis and other homeopaths which illustrates beautifully how homeopathy works in practice and the wide range of conditions it can help with which I found fascinating reading.

The whole book was easy and enjoyable to read and I would highly recommend it to anyone else interested in the subject