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17 in 2017

So, another calendar year as begun and the fresh, crisp start to it quickly slipped away leaving me wondering where I could start again here. After reading through a few of my favorite blogs I found this post from The Snail of Happiness which seemed a fitting way to start again… From what I can gather ’17 in 2017′ is a list of 17 goals or challenges for the year a head

#17 – meals made from homegrown / produced food (bar seasoning)… this year I really want to get to grips with homegrown food again, for many reasons including taster food, health and my growing uneasy with ‘the system’. 17 meals might sound like a lot but with bits of cultivated land dotted around, a cow and goats for diary. chickens and ducks for eggs it shouldn’t be too tall an order, even if I just spend the summer eating omelette and salad.

#16 – plants passed on to other from my seed stores… This is something I have seen on other peoples 17 in 2017 lists and I like it. During last year I lost a large mount of my treasured seed collection, it was heart breaking, but also made me realise how much locked up energy and life I had been sitting on, a little like smaug on his pile of gold. Time to start using up what I have and sharing the excess.

#15 – minutes each day spent studying. I’m now in year two of my homeopathy course and I still feel like I have a lot to learn, not just about homeopathy though, there are lots of things I want to learn more about, some that have branched off from my college days and others resulting from the world around me, and just 15 minutes each day will take me far with this I’m sure.

#14 – car free days. I would really like this number to be much higher but this number seems very achievable.

#13 – trees / fruit bushes / hedging plants planted at the field. We already have a number of trees and bushes waiting to be planted out so some time dedicated to this during the coming year will be well spent

#12 – New blog posts. Self explanatory really

#11 – completed craft projects. I have two bigger projects that I would like to make this year but as with my seed stores I’d like to start using up some of the craft materials I have stashed away and also brush off / polish some of the skills I have but don’t use regularly

#10 – screen free days. As with car free days I would ideally like this to be a much higher number but 10 is achievable.

#9 – days out with family and/or friends.

#8 – packet of seeds sown from my stash. This should start to get some of the stored up energy flowing.

#7 – photos printed and put up. Some months ago I was reading an article about the difference between happy, positive people and those that aren’t so happy or positive about their life. One of the things that has stuck with me from it is that researchers found the those who where happier were more likely to have photos of loved ones and special days displayed around their homes. This has really struck a cord with me and makes a lot of sense that people who have regular built in reminders of what they have to be happy and grateful for will in turn be happier and more positive.

#6 – books read from my ‘read and pass on’ pile.Over the Christmas and New Year break I have started another declutter, this goes along with that but also being more mindful of the space I am using up with ‘stored energy’ such as unread books, boxes of seeds or stashes of craft materials.

#5 – minutes spent most days diarying / recording / planning. Like with spending time learning everyday this is something I would like to set up as a habit, hopefully it will free up some mental energy as not only will it help me ‘off load’ it will also mean I am not trying to remember everything all the time

#4 – allotment beds up and running. Last year I tried to take on the WHOLE of my long neglected and over grown parish allotment plot and it was just too much. This year I am going to try to be more measured and take on a small patch and work outwards from it.

#3 – designs written up. I have now been signed up to the Diploma in Applied Permaculture for a year and so far have not made much head way with it…

#2 – hours, at least, spent on ‘personal admin’ per month. Last year I made a big push to sort out some of my banking and not only saved a load of money but was also able to claim quite a bit back. I think with a bit of work on others areas I can be more organised and effitive with other things too and make better use of time and resources instead of letting jobs pile up

#1 – new cake baked. For a few years now I have made a New Years resolution to make or bake a new cake of some sort, it feels like a little bit of a tradition now. This year I think I will try maybe a lemon drizzle cake perhaps?

#0 – allopathic medicine taken. The further into my homeopathy course I get and the more things I read on the subject of ‘modern medicine’ the more uncertain of the risk to benefit balance there is. In the past few years I have suffered some very nasty side effects of seemingly innocent medicines, part of the reasons behind my choosing to study homeopathy, and am aware that there are probably many more side effects that are not yet understood or known about. I would like to ‘detox’ from these and work with my body to build my immune system instead of bypassing or taking shortcuts to obtain ‘health’. That being said if I found out I was seriously ill or had a serious accident tomorrow I’m not ruling anything out…

Once upon a time, many moons ago…

I was learning to knit again. It was on this day in 2008 that I posted my first proper blog post.This is my second blog, the first one was very much a warm up to this one. And having spent some time reading back through my posts I thought I had posted most of it on this one any way, and all not that long ago either! I began blogging in November 2007 with this: 

A place to begin…Last night I finally got the push I needed to start off, I was on a forum and someone said that they would love to follow something like this, there are already loads of popular TV series, books and magazines about self sufficient so that must mean that other people are interested to. So this is my two pence worth to add to. My idea is very simple: produce as much food for myself as is possible with what I’ve got, that said I already know that it isn’t as simple a task as it sounds. I also would like to learn how to live as cheaply as possible and make some money from the things I enjoy doing.

 What I already have/where I’m at: I already keep goats, two of whom are in milk but I’m not milking them at the moment for no really reason other than the fact that I haven’t sorted myself out into doing this. I have quail; I got some for my last years Christmas present (in April, but I said I wanted to wait to get what I really wanted rather than having something else) from these there is one male left and I brought four more the other day, two females and two males and I brought 24 eggs, 12 of two types, for hatching from ebay last night, they should arrive on Tuesday next week.

 I’m a vegetarian, but others in my family eat meat, and I’ve got most of a vegetable garden up and running now but ‘the family’ have just been told that we can use part of a field we keep donkeys on as a vegetable garden as well which is quite a big space. I’m going up there tomorrow to start clearing the ground and covering some of it with manure ready for the summer.

 “The Family”: that is me (eldest daughter) my parents, my two younger sisters, a younger brother and my boyfriend. ‘The Family’ also includes a whole host of dogs, cats, ponies, donkeys, cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits and a guinea pig. I don’t think I’ve left anything out but I might have.

 So there are a lot of us, some useful others not so useful. I plan to be adding more very soon and to start adding some photo’s when I’ve got to grips with how to do things on here.

I changed blogs as I wanted to have more control of the way that it looked, and in particular a banner that I could add my own photos to.  A train track in the middle of nowhere is nice… But it wasn’t really what I was looking for. 

So what has changed since my first ever blog post? Well, I have almost finished my first own-spun and knitted project… more details coming soon. 

I have grown my own potatoes for the first time, and leeks, and carrots, and some other thing too; I have made butter and cheese from our own cows milk and cream. I have started keeping chickens, and am having another break from keeping quail, mother has the remaining trio that I had. 

‘The Family’ has grown, my baby sister will be eighteen this summer, we all have boy/girlfriends and although we are all still one big family it feels like we are also splitting off into our own little families as well. 

I am a published magazine writer… Twice. 

I have a much better job and am in much better health then I was back then. I have survived no less than two redundancies. I have become much more of an ‘outdoors’ person, even in the pouring rain I am still happy enough (cue a week long down-pour, sorry) and have much more of an idea of who I am and what I want to do. 

All this sounds very fluffy and… Picture prefect, but the thing is the milestones for ‘this kind of life’ are more woolly or yearly events than anything else. Lambing is followed by shearing, sowing time is followed by the growing season, followed by harvest time… Each year starts with hopes and dreams of building on what has been started the year before, which is followed by successes and failures, wet muddy times followed by the smell of grass cutting and fat happy animals sun bathing. It is a circle that keeps going and has no really ending. 

So here I am again, writing a blog post, in the middle of lambing. It has been raining outside and it is probably not all that different to the very first time I put fingers to keyboard for the first post of this blog and that is just fine by me…

An Award!

I have my first award! I had been saving it to post when my blog was a year old, on the 25th of February, but I think the Internet wasn’t working so I couldn’t. Any way here it is:


I’m not really sure what it’s for but it is my first so I am pleased, Thank you goes to Kat for giving it to me (all that time ago now…)

Now I have to pass it on to some other people…

Colour it Green, Daughter of the Soil, LittleFfarm, MyZeroWaste, The Smallest Smallholding, A Slice of Life and Verona Strauss

Here in spirit

Well, lately my blogging has been very patchy to say the least, partly because it’s summer and that is a very busy time of year for us food producers, add to that the fact that for the past 5 weeks I have been working two part-time jobs (I don’t know how I ever managed to do anything when I worked full-time… yes I do I just didn’t) and it makes it an extra busy time of year and then added to that is the joys of computer problems, I think it has been re-formatted twice now, maybe more, blogging has just not proved to be an easy task.

But I have been here in spirit, which I hope makes up for it a little bit, and have even been making lists about what I wanted to write about each day in the hope that I would be able to (apart from the fact that I have lost both lists) up-date everything. Now that the school summer are almost over I should have a little bit more time so will be able to write more.