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Bread on sticks, lunch on the Beacons and dinner on the beach – a few days away

The beginning of this month has been lovely – in spite of the heavy rain.

I have been on holiday and started this week, and a new month, with an evening spent with friends in the park cooking bread on sticks over our bucket BBQ’s and making ‘grass dolls’ as we didn’t have any corn, wheat or barley. This was to mark Lammas; another step closer to the end of the year. We chatted and cooked supper out and then played hide and seek in the dark – a treat in the longer days of the summer.

The view from the Brecon Beacons: August 2013

The view from the Brecon Beacons: August 2013

Then the next day I travelled up to Borth, stopping on the way to have lunch in the Brecon Beacons before carrying on to arrive in time for a paddle in the sea and a chance to lazy around watching the waves lap at the sand before back to a nearby camp site to cook dinner of pasta and cheese on a fire of drift wood.

Borth beach; August 2013

Borth beach; August 2013

Kite surfer; Borth beach August 2013

Kite surfer; Borth beach August 2013

Campsite BBQ; August 2013

Campsite BBQ; August 2013

A rainbow over the campsite after a sudden down pour; August 2013

A rainbow over the campsite after a sudden down pour; August 2013

The next day was spent at The Centre for Alternative Technology with time to call in on old neighbours before reaching home.

Giant sunflower on teh edge of one of the many organic vegetable beds; CAT August 2013

Giant sunflower on the edge of one of the many organic vegetable beds; CAT August 2013

Cord wood centre piece; CAT August 2012

Cord wood centre piece; CAT August 2012

Centre for Alternative Technology; August 2013

Centre for Alternative Technology; August 2013


I have been in Wales for the weekend with a group of children and young people from work. 

Bucket and spade - sometime over the weekend 23rd - 24th January 2010


It was a lovely weekend and we had a lot of fun. Now it is time to return to normal life and catch up on some sleep that I have missed…

Awaken your senses

This last week as been a very busy week, and very busy with things away from home.

At the start of the week I went on a work retreat, we stayed on a camp site not far from Swansea called Three Cliffs Bay, it was a beautiful camp site that look right out across the beach and sea. The weather wasn’t brilliant but we still spent most of our time on the beach with a fire, cooking meals or making tea, while we held our ‘meetings’ and planned.


Then for the rest of the week I have been working at a festival in Tewkesbury called Awaken Your Senses, we have been working on the Abby lawns making willow lanterns in the sunshine. On Saturday night we stayed until 8.30pm with the lanterns hung in the trees for people to come and see, and they did look magical hanging from the branches of a massive copper beech that stands in the ground.

I have enjoyed working at the festivals in Tewkesbury over the summer, but it is so far to travel. I know many people drive for an hour and often longer, to get to and from work but that amount of traveling time added onto the working day really wouldn’t work for this kind of life style. Still it is OK for the odd one off.

Work retreat

I have been away with work this week, partly to recharge our batteries after the summer holidays and partly to start planning for the furture.


I have lots to post about, but whilst the sun is out I am going back outside.


I have been away for the weekend, visiting my grandmother in Devon. I have been promising to go for over a year now but there has always been too much to do. There still were lots of things to do but last month I decided there would always be lots to do and booked the train tickets any way.

PICT0008Even though I don’t often take them I do enjoy train journeys, and bus journeys but train journeys more. There are so many interesting back gardens, allotment sites and smallholdings along railway lines, and it’s always nice to ‘have a nose’ and gather ideas, which is not something I really ever get chance to do being the boring stay at home that I am, but that is where I am happiest.

On the journey down I started to keep count of the interesting things I saw, there was many, of the different types of livestock there was. I always feel uneasy about the thought of keeping any of our animals so near to a  trainline or busy road but people do and it seems to work out fine.

So I have been to the beach. Paignton is a nice sandy beach with lots of beach huts which I loved, I don’t remember them being there last time I went to visit which must have been about four or five years ago now. Beach huts seem to hold a promise, a promise of something interesting behind each door all done up in shiny coat of white paint and a brightly coloured door. Or to me they do. The beach was busy even though it was a dull day weather wise, I guess I should have expected that in the middle of the summer holidays, and the tide was in so there wasn’t much room for people to spread out. I don’t like crowded beaches as much as I could, they don’t seem to be as thoughtful or healing as an empty wind swept beach. And the rubbish… But I still had a nice walk.

PICT0034We visited Torre Abbey to see the Antony Gormley Field for the British Isles exhibition. It visited Gloucester Cathedral not long ago and I thought about going to see it then but never got round to it. The exhibition was laid out in an old barn on the out skirts of the grounds and the little figures filled most of it. It was interesting standing infront all of the little clay figures, the pencil holds that they have instead of eyes look strangely human and questioning.

The abbey seemed to have mostly been turned into an art gallery, there was a big felt mobile hung on the stair way all the way up through the building which I guess had been made by a school. It was made up of white felted people with natureal black wool felted in for the hair and face and a letter on the front. It was very simple but I would imagion that it was a great community project. The garden was nice, it had a big glass house which I would have filled with vegetables or fruit of some kind.  

And that was all there was time for. Being away did make me realise how picky about food I am but as I’ve been writing this post for a few days now (it is very busy at work this week) I will just post it.


I’m a little bit last with everything this week, I went on a residental at the weekend which was great fun. It was in Wales by a beach, I haven’t been to the beach for ages and I also liked the beach at this time of year.


We spent loads of time on the beach and I collected one and a half carrier bags of cuttlefish for the quail. It made me really happy, and the quail love cuttlefish. They were all very sandy and some had bits of ‘meat’ on:


On Monday I was given some new quail as well. Someone contacted me about them a few weeks ago from a new quail forum I’ve joined. Any way, they are all lovely and I can’t wait for them to start laying.


And my quail eggs started to hatch yesterday. 

When I got home on Sunday night there was some babies in the kitchen:


They were born on Saturday night, their mum has been looking like she’s been going to kid any day for a couple of weeks now. I even spent last Thursday night getting up to check on her as she was looking ‘odd’. there really isn’t an easy way to explain how a goat, or anything else, looks before they give birth. There are all the signs you get once they have started but once you’ve lived along side animals for a while you just seem to know. It’s nice, it’s a part of living with animals that I really enjoy being able to communitcate without any sort of noise. And they do it back too, I often use to spend time in the goat pen/houses when I was younger just sitting or reading and they would know if I was up-set about something and always come and sit close and nussle my face. 

Any way, the kids mum wasn’t very good with them and kept knocking them across the house if the stood up so they are in the kitchen. Their mum is very up-set about it and crys everytime you walk past her house or go out to milk her (she’s also started drinking milk from herself) it’s very sad but if she’s going to treat her babies like that than nothing else can be done.