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Milk & Autism

I found this story on Channel Five News this evening and found it really interesting.

Three months ago in a Five News investigation we told you about a possible link between drinking milk and the behaviour of children with autism.

Some scientists believe most of the milk we drink in this country can make the symptoms worse.   Since our report, there has been growing interest in an alternative.   We reported how some scientists believe one special kind of cow’s milk may help with the effects of autism.   Yet getting your hands on this kind of treatment isn’t as easy as popping down to the shops to buy a pint.   You might think milk from one cow would be much like milk from any other.   But actually different breeds make milk that contains distinct varieties of milk proteins.   Most milk sold in Britain comes from cows producing a form of of protein called betacasein A1. But these Guernsey cows mostly produce a different type, betacasein A2.   The research is still hotly debated, some scientists believe drinking A1 milk may worsen the symptoms of autism: so switching to A2 milk could help improve the conditions.