My Goats

HakinWoodNymph Hakin

Dam: WoodNymph Kerys                         Sire: Holdbrook Knitshade

Born: 06/03/2009

The first of my second generation of breeding!

Died 12/05/09                                                                            


KnitshadeHoldbrook Knitshade




I bought Knitshade in September 2008, he is very good natured and likes being around people (especially if they have food) and in the middle of what is going on.

As well as being a nice goat himself, he has some very nice breeding. He comes from the Holdbrook Herd and includes in his pedigree the half brother of my first goat Lazzie.


PICT0068WoodNymph Kerys

Dam: Dingledale Hicup                    Sire: Coxhorne Hypericum (Know as Empire)

Born: 22/04/2009

Kerys was the second goat that I bred and was registered with my prefix. When she was about three months old her mother, Hicup, died. Because of that I think she I have always been more attached to her than her sister, in-spite of her being my first ‘bred’ goat.   


This page is still in progress…


2 responses to “My Goats

  1. I saw your article in the Smallholding Mag. July 09 and I have only just got around to looking up your website. I keep Anglo Nubians and have had some very bad luck in the last few years. But on reading your letter and looking on your website you are an inspiration to all young people(and older ones) It’s nice looking at your goats etc, and see you have Holdbrook bloodlines. I am often in contact with Mel and look at her website often.

    Keep up the good work and will look at your website more often now.

    Regards, Pat.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment Pat, and I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been having a great time.

      I think I almost came to see a male that you had for sale last August before I found Kniteshade.

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