We got our first goat when I was seven, she was an in-kid cross bred called Clover. After that we got an Anglo Nubian called Anna and a British Tog called Bramble.

When we moved to Gloucestershire there was enough room for me to start keeping my own goats as well has ‘the family goats.’

My first goat was an Anglo Nubian called Lazzie, who my parents and grandmother bought for me when I was 10 years-old. I got her when she was six months old. My idea was that I would milk her, show and put her in harness, but instead she use to spend most of her time out in the woods with us as children.



Me, Lazzie and Clover, our first goat, out for a walk

Sadly Lazzie died in 2001, not because of the FMD cull (although we should have been on “the list”) but because of bloat. It put me off keeping goats for a while, but I did end up with goats again, not because I decided I wanted to but because I was ‘chosen’ by a very pushy Anglo Nubian cross breed, something that I’m very glad about.

baby-kenyan-goat1In 2005 I spent 3 weeks in Kenya, the only time I have ever traveled outside the UK, and this is a photo I took of a goat kid while I was there.




One response to “Goats

  1. Ooh, they are so cute!! 🙂

    especially the one on the last photo! :))

    And do you have donkeys too? /am in awe…/

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