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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to look through my website.

Me and one of the lambs, now known as 'Maizies lamb' 2012

Me and one of the lambs, now known as ‘Maizies lamb’ 2012

My name is Poppy, I live in Gloucestershire in the UK. I have kept my own goats since I was ten and have always helped with my mum’s animals and the family vegetable garden.

I have been vegetarian or vegan all of my life, but am not against people eating meat so long as the animal has had a good life and the people eating the meat understand what they are doing.

I was home educated and have never spent a day in school, or taken any GCSE or A Levels as I have never needed them. When I was sixteen I started volunteering with local radio stations and I began a modern apprenticeship with one of them when I was seventeen, then spent a few years working as an events organiser and then events and education assistant for the local museum. I now work as a Play Ranger running outdoor play sessions in local parks for a charity called Play Gloucestershire, mixed in with occasional freelance project work just to keep things interesting.

I keep and breed my own line of Angol Nubian goats and my own laying and rare breed chickens.


17 responses to “About me

  1. LittleFfarm Dairy

    Which museum, Poppy? –

    the reason I ask, is that I worked for a couple of years as a Focus Group volunteer for the Corinium Museum refurbishment project, deeply involved with the redesign of the galleries including the new mezzanine floor. I was especially passionate about the Roman rooms, as my degree was in Ancient History & Classical Archaeology.

    And during the museum’s refurbishment closure, I also helped work on the outreach project programme.

    What a great place, I was so proud to be involved….

  2. alifelesssimple

    It’s the Dean Heritage Centre in the Forest of Dean

  3. “I was home educated and have never spent a day in school”

    I think you may have had a huge advantage: you missed out on all the bullying, persecution and victimisation that I suffered (and have recently blogged about!).

    Best wishes,

  4. alifelesssimple

    Thank you for your comment Sharon, sorry I have only just got around to replying to you, things have been really busy around here lately.

    From your blog it sounds like you’re getting on well!

  5. You are not far away from me!

    We have spent many happy times in your place!

  6. Ooh, goats!! Your life sounds so terribly exciting!!

    Would really LOVE to have giats, and sheep, and a donkey!! 🙂
    will try to live vicariously through your blog, for the time being!! 🙂

  7. oops, typo *goats*…

    I get too excited when it gets to sheep & goats lol.. 🙂

    Lovely blog!!

  8. Hello Poppy – thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, we’re not to far away from you – we’re in Monmouthshire but I grew up on the edge of the Forest of Dean – used to be a barmaid at the Farmer’s Boy at Longhope – do you know it? Have been to the Dean Heritage Centre many many times – great place! Hope to take my daughter there this summer. Lovely blog by the way – hope one day to keep sheep and goats myself.

  9. Hi Poppy,

    Many thanks for your tips you left on fighting the dreaded slug, I will certainly give those a go.

    Thanks also for reading my blog and and adding it to your blog list, I really appreciate having a link on such a great blog.


  10. Hi Poppy,
    I came here via Nics blog NIp in the bud. So glad I did. This is a lovely blog.

    I was born in South Wales and Forest of Dean used to be one of the places my school used to take us too. I always enjoyed it.

    I look forward to keeping up to date with your blog.

  11. Found your blog Googling around quail, which we are doing as a home educating project – but I see there lots of other great stuff here too!

  12. Hi Poppy,
    Many thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I feel like I know you? Possibly you are a friend of a friend – anyhow you have a wonderful site here – I very much enjoyed reading through it.
    Keep in touch…
    Anthea xx

  13. Hi Poppy – I didn’t realise you were a radio lover too…. did you know, I do hospital radio that goes out over the net on a Saturday nite 6-8 at http://www.AppleAM.com and BBC Somerset on a Wednesday nite 6-6.30pm which you can catch online too…..all green, ecoy stuff lolol…..let me know if you’re on something I can catch online too. With all good wishes, TS x x

  14. Hi Poppy

    Just come across your blog and I love it. Would like to keep animals and get more involved in living off the land but at the moment have to make do with a veggie patch and polytunnel. Really look forward to following your blog Maxine

  15. Hello Poppy, Nice to have found you and your blog (via my Facebook page, thanks!). I know your part of the world having stayed many summers at CSMA Whitemead near Lydney. Ten years ago it was a sleepy little campsite, now a burgeoning leisure park so we don’t go so often now. The countryside around you is so beautiful – dragonfly ponds, mysterious woods, caves, the falcons at Symonds Yat. Oh, I’m making myself want to go back! Will be following your blog with interest. Caro xx

    • A Life Less Simple

      Thank you Caro!! I have dropped by your blog on and off for a while, I love your Saturday Snap posts and have thought about contacting you to ‘borrow’ the idea myself LOL You are so right about where I live adn I am so lucky to be able to live here. You must drop me a line if you are planning a visit over this way and we can exchange notes, Poppy x

  16. Hi Poppy,just like to say i feel honoured that i am on your blogroll-thankyou-never really thought that anyone read my blogs other than my daughter and a few friends!Havent blogged for ages so i had better pull my socks up and get going again.

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