Nasturtium flowers ~ October 2015

Nasturtium flowers ~ October 2015

Yesterday was Samhain, Cetlic New Year.

The day was a pleasant, bright and sunny day. I even found myself working in a tshirt for parts of it. A complete contrast to the days of autumnal rain earlier in the week. Last night was clear, with a thousand stars in the sky and the moon visibly waning and low behind the houses and trees…

The day was marked with a ‘clearing bonfire’ on the field… A smaller affair than had been planned with just me and mother there, hiccups with the house roof being replaced had called a halt to plans of having friends and dinner there, perhaps next year… Some of the piles of broken up pallets, rotten pieces of old chicken houses and kennels a long with other unidentified pieces of timber have gone making way for what is to come. There is still more to go but it is a nice start, a beginning.

Samhain Fire ~ 2015

Samhain Fire ~ 2015

The forest has turned from it’s summer green to the autumn reds, yellows and oranges and swirls of leafs have began to fall on the more blustery days. Next year has already started to take shape; the AI man has visited Bridie and the billy has been turned out with the girlies.

Samhain: consolidate, clear and plan, first months of study, goats mated, preparing the ground for growing. Winter Solstic: prepare for spring, lay hedges Imbloc: Lambing, longer days Ostara (easter): kidding, field working weekend, clocks go forward, growing session begins Beltane: Summer Solstic: calving, growing session, first year graduation Lammas: second year of study Samhain

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