Daily Archives: August 2, 2014

Small notes on life

I’m always suprised at how fast the summer solstice comes around each year; this year being no expection. It always feels much to ealier in the year when everything seems to have just sprung into life for the year to have reached it’s heights and the idea that the dark shall be drawing in again seems absurd but never-the-less we now not only past have midsummer but are now at harvest time and Lammas… Although I still think it is only just acceptable to be at midsummer the seasons have other ideas

Life has thrown a few… what would you call it?? Kick up the bums my way lately and I’ve been forced to make some drastic changes I knew I needed and had decided were going to happen but was dithering about far too long. It’s been painful; I’ve had to rid my life of some people who should have gone a long time ago but I had been clinging onto in a cloud of illusion… I have moved (my god I hate moving) and sorting out making a home for myself is taken up much time and energy… and I have been truly blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people who care and inspire me and are willing to help me move on to the next exciting chapter in my life