A piece of my family history

This week my Grandmother woke to begin her 80th year. She was born just before WWII broke out in the same house as her sister was born in 10 years later at the war’s end. During the war she returned to the safety of the same house with her mother to stay with her grandmother, my great-great grandmother.

Last Sunday we all gathered for a meal in a pub next door to where another of her relatives was born, I forget who. Then went for a look round some of the place she knows from her life in Bristol where much of her family is from. She’s now living in Devon close to my Auntie and cousins after spending much of my life looking after my great-grandmother.

We went back and found the house she was born in and it is still there, currently empty whilst being done-up but looking like it will soon be someones home again;


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