Daily Archives: December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas Day is an odd one; all that build up and rush for the world to stay still for a single day. Or increasingly not.

The pressure to batten down the hatches and forget the run of the mill whilst having the prefect day with loved ones. All that planning, worry and stress for one day of the easy life.

That day is now done and dusted for another year and the world can return to normal. I am back at work for another week, but very grateful of the few extra days spent with family. It was not a complete day of closed down; I still stopped at a petrol station and filled up whilst taking my sister and her partner to their Christmas dinner and my brother still managed to find somewhere to purchase instant coffee when to his horror the jar was down to the last few mugs worth and that is living out in the sticks.

Today (Boxing Day) I had to visit the supermarket with work, as much for the trip out as the young man I care for cannot stand to stay in, and there is more or less panic buying after the single day of close down; very little bread in the aisle, the fridge containing milk was nearly bare and very few fresh goods were left as we walked through the doors. Beside the empty shelved people were phoning loved ones “there are only a few loaves left, how many do you need?… Well, you can always freeze it” and this was a super store supermarket not the small town ones I am use to.

It makes me stand in wonder at the world and how it turns in a ‘normal persons’ life. The world is now a changing place and I truly believe that others will look back at this behavior as a time of madness, the shops have been (mostly) closed for one day that people have had a years warning of and yet this kind of stock piling is the result. Didn’t everyone eat enough yesterday? I highly doubt these people went without but how would they cope if something went awry?

This is not just a personal flight of fancy either, although I do often long for a return to something more in line with my ideals of how the world should work, it has already happened more than six years ago in Cuba when they were ‘cut off’ and their imports of oil were halved and food imports dropped by 80%, The Power of Community: How Cube Survived Peak Oil was made in 2006 and is amazingly hopeful watching if there is time for a little bit of insightful watching during the remaining festive period