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Winter Solstice 2012

This year I finally marked the Winter Solstice; it has been some years since I have do anything bigger than maybe light a candle or maybe making a nice meal. This time of year seems to be such a rush with daylight hours being in such short supply and Christmas being just days away everything else seems to get pushed aside, wrongly really.

"Merry Midwinter" tin can lantern - December 2012

“Merry Midwinter” tin can lantern – December 2012

This year I met with friends and their children in the woods. We set up camp with candles and fairy lights, made tin can lanterns, ate party nibbles and homemade cake, drank hot chocolate and tested out my bucket BBQ and made popcorn.

Making popcorn over the fire - December 2012

Making popcorn over the fire – December 2012

The light was magical and by the time we had finished a mist had fallen that hung around until half way through the day today.

Thank you Vicky for the use of your photos from the evening. The lantern only stayed up for a short time and didn’t last long enough for me to take any.