A bit of a hectic end to last week and a busy time at work has meant this is not the post I was hoping it to be but the excitement had to be shared whilst there is still time to…

A few weeks ago me, my sister and mother caused a little bit of a stir in our rain swept village when the Countryfile film crew came to record a piece with us about our sheep and how we graze and manage our flock, which is following the local tradition of grazing them out on the common waste land of the area;

Countryfile: Free roaming sheep in The Forest of Dean

This link should take you straight to BBC iplayer and to the right piece of the programme and will be there until this Sunday (16/12/2012)

Free roaming sheep are something of a marmite issue, either you love them or hate them. I am bias and think that they are a local tradition predating any of the open plan drives in the area and the tradition of keeping sheep on forest waste land saved many a starving miner when times were hard. And that is before I start on the subject of the way they help shape and manage the area or anything about our flock.

2 responses to “Countryfile

  1. Hi Poppy I saw that programme and love the idea, we have to keep these traditions alive

  2. I just managed to catch the programme on your link before it expired – how exciting, your claim to fame!! It’s really great that you’re upholding this tradition and I love that you stand up for what you believe in.
    There were lots of free roaming sheep on Dartmoor when I lived with my family in Devon; I thought it was great to see their fluffy coats in the gulleys and fields by the roads. It meant that you had to drive carefully and be vigilant but I really don’t think it hurts anyone to slow down a bit and savour the beauty of the countryside. Good for you Poppy!

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