And the winner is…

I have been a very lucky girl of late, helped by having nothing of really meaning to do during the evenings at work other than facebook surf clicking the ‘like’ or ‘share’ button for the many give aways that are taking place at the moment.

Sheep Book for Smallholders by Tim Tyne

Sheep Book for Smallholders by Tim Tyne

My first win arrived a month or so ago from the lovely people at the Goodlife Bookshop and I am told is excellent although I didn’t manage to hold onto it long enough to do more than flick through the first pages before it was ‘borrowed’. The Sheep Book for Smallholders is a recently released book written by Tim Tyne, I’ve never read any of Tim’s other books but all of the books I have read published by the Goodlife Press have been full of information in an easy to understand format, which is what they seem to specialise in.

My second lovely prize was a gorgeous relax basket from Green Heart Gifts, it arrived last week and I opened it last night and the scent is amazing.

Relax Basket from Green Heart Gifts

Relax Basket from Green Heart Gifts

Everything in the basket is so thoughtfully put together; from the items in the basket to the packaging that it comes wrapped up in almost all of which is recyclable, even the film on top of the bamboo soy candle is compostable. As well as the candle the basket contains bath melts, 2 bars of handmade soap, a lovely wash clothe and a CD of relaxation music.

And the third and final prize gifted to me was a photo shoot with Outline Photograthy in Ross-on-Wye. Me and my sister went and spent a very enjoyable morning being a bit silly and wearing all the clothes we have that are unsuitable or too nice to water the goats. We get to go and see the results in a few weeks and I’m sure they are going to be brilliant!

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