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Veggie patch carrot cake

Carrot Cupcakes - 13 October 2012

Carrot Cupcakes – 13 October 2012

I’m been meaning to make carrot cake for a few years now; my orginal plan was to make it with home grown carrots but I haven’t done so well with those since deciding on that… And my plans to live off courgettes and goats cheese during the summer months have been foiled in much the same way really.

The nagging feeling of not knowing when carrots will work for me again, and if they do will I be in a position to spend enough time baking to do them justice and a special friends birthday bought out the baking trays and I have to say after a test run of cup cakes I was very please not only with the cake but also my first attempt at cake decorating; 

Vegetable patch birthday cake -13 October 2012

Vegetable patch birthday cake -13 October 2012

I used a recipe from the BBC website which I adapted to fit with what I had in the cupboard, used a butter icing for the base and made the vegetables from white icing and food colouring

Into October

The arrival of John Harrison’s Allotment Growing newsletter in my inbox today has reminded me that it is already October and that I have plans for this month.

I’ve lost my camera so can’t share the photos of how far I have got with my new vegetable garden but in the last month or so I have changed it from an area of brambles, nettles, bindweed and willow-herb reaching over my head to a much calmer area which now even boasts its first bed made from the breeze blocks found hidden the undergrowth.

It very much feels like autumn now but that doesn’t matter; there is still plenty to do in readiness for next year’s main growing season and this month I would like to tick a few off:

  • Finish filling first vegetable bed
  • Plant onion sets and buy and plant garlic sets
  • Plant out the spring green plants which are waiting impatiently in their pots
  • Start leafmould
  • Buy and plant an amazing amount of crocus for some early bee feed in the New Year  

I’m sure I will do other things and possibly even get distracted along the way but a plan is a good start to the month