Pick of the crop; self-sown potatoes - 17th July 2012

Pick of the crop; self-sown potatoes – 17th July 2012

I harvested all but one of my sacks of potatoes during a thunder storm and down pour on Sunday; they haven’t really done very well this year and I only got a small bucket full from three sacks (no weighting this year as I wasn’t that organised). Still there is enough for a few meals and I might well try planting the sprouting volunteers I have to see what the results of that are.

The potatoes that seem to have done the best have been these self-sown ones which I harvested last month and managed to produce a reasonable harvest even though they were growing in only shallow box shared with some strawberry plants. I’m not sure if they have done better because they are better suited to growing in my garden or because they were in the ground from so early in the year.

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  1. Poppy, I’m sure your rainfall has been equally terrible here in the West Midlands. I think you’ve done well to get anything out!

    You have to feel for the farmers. Anything they do produce they get bpaid a pittance. Top 5 suprmarkets seems to do all right though. Buy low – sell high (I though that was just for stocks + shares).

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