Self watering planters

One of the things I am researching at the moment is growing things without the need to be around to water them if it is dry, something that seems like a far of dream of late.

Things that can be sown directly in their final growing position aren’t really a problem with a little bit of planning and care but it is things like squashes, chillies, tomatoes and early sowings of things that are taking more thought.

One design I have come across which will be of use for larger plants is this;

2lt Plastic Bottle Sub-Irrigated Planter –

A friend has already tried using these for seeds and says they are no good but they seem to work well for larger plants. I am testing them out with some chilli plants and so far so good;

Chilli plants ~ July 2012

Chilli plants ~ July 2012

I forgot to put the holes in the top of the bottles so will shall have to wait see how important they are but the only problem so far has been the return of the green-fly that were on some plants I was overwintering on my windowsill.

Homemade Plastic Bottle Sub-Irrigated Planter - July 2012

Homemade Plastic Bottle Sub-Irrigated Planter – July 2012

 The first flower opened on the 20th of June set fruit almost straight away and I’m hoping to get enough fruit to make a jar or two of my own chilli jam

Chilli ~ July 2012

Chilli ~ July 2012

4 responses to “Self watering planters

  1. Hey Poppy,

    I plant my squashes and courgettes in a little dip. Then when I water them, the water stays around the base of the plant and the roots. Its not as fullproof as your methods, but I do find it means I don’t have to water the plants as much as I normally do.

  2. I shall be passing this method on to my colleagues! There’s a little chilli growing competition in our office at the moment and so far two guys are winning. Or maybe I’ll keep this to myself and try to win with this method…? Sneaky… I’m terribly forgetful with watering plants. Sometimes I get a bit eager and over water them (this happened with my sweet basil and rocket, which I was really disappointed about). Will let you know if I win!

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