Continuing with change and progress

June 2010

June 2010

This week I gave notice on my allotment plots.

I think it is time to move on from them for a few different reasons; life is still busy especially with starting a new job. I now have a better grasp of living in a two person household and the much smaller mountains of food that so few people get through and mostly it seems a little be of a waste of resources to pay rent and travel for my allotment plots when I have a large enough garden that is just a step outside my door in the mornings and is included in the rent for my house; I think the money saved will be much better off going into my ‘hobbit-hole’ fund.

It will also relieve me of the stress, restraints and compromise of working in a communal area which although has its upside seems to be getting more in the way of me succeeding at how I would like to grow food than helping me too at the moment.

July 2010

July 2010

What little bits I have grown this year are mostly in my garden at home so it will just be a case of collecting my things from my plots before handing them back for someone else to take on.

In some ways it feels like I am yet again starting from square one but I have been making plans for my garden since I moved and this will free me up to go forward with them and I have already put my first raised bed in with a spare hour I had one evening.

3 responses to “Continuing with change and progress

  1. Veg growing is so much easier when it’s on your doorstep and you can see what’s ready to eat without having to travel. Sometimes I wish for more space, simply to be able to grow more of the larger plants like PSB, artichokes, cauliflowers and sweet corn; the food I grow is more of a tasty treat than a bold step towards absolute self-sufficiency but at least I’m learning and, one day perhaps, will have a large garden of my own! It seems you’ve thought it through and come to the right decision for yourself, a hard one to make when the waiting list for allotments is usually fairly long. Maybe the lists wouldn’t be so lengthy if more people thought like you!

  2. I have just decided to do the same. I am going to use the space in my garden and the cheapie poly tunnel I brought on eBay. I saw a fab idea for using plastic bottles to hang up and grow lettuces in. I like the idea of vertical gardening to grow as much as possible.

  3. I sometimes think that when you have a smaller space to grow veg in, it becomes more productive as you grow what you really want and not just anything to fill the space. It’s a little bit like downsizing, it’s surprised what you can do in a small space Good Luck with the garden veg growing

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