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New home sort for our mini-moos

We are selling our cows.

We are going to lose the field that they have been living in and just don’t have enough grazing for them without it. They have been TB tested and we thought we had a buyer for them who was meant to be collecting them at the start of next month but this has fallen through. Most annoying especially after going ahead with a new pre-movement TB test as this was all that was needed before they left for pastures new…

So, if anyone is looking to start keeping cows or would like to add to their collection with a pair of lovely registered dexter heifers. One black, one red. Both with lovely temperaments and easy to handle. Ready for the bull and TB cleared ready to go. Then I know just the person to contact;

Pippin; 2 year old polled dexter heifer - July 2012

Pippin; 2 year old polled dexter heifer – July 2012

Pumkin (not her registered name); 4 year old dehorned dexter heifer - July 2012

Pumkin (not her registered name); 4 year old dehorned dexter heifer – July 2012

Self watering planters

One of the things I am researching at the moment is growing things without the need to be around to water them if it is dry, something that seems like a far of dream of late.

Things that can be sown directly in their final growing position aren’t really a problem with a little bit of planning and care but it is things like squashes, chillies, tomatoes and early sowings of things that are taking more thought.

One design I have come across which will be of use for larger plants is this;

2lt Plastic Bottle Sub-Irrigated Planter –

A friend has already tried using these for seeds and says they are no good but they seem to work well for larger plants. I am testing them out with some chilli plants and so far so good;

Chilli plants ~ July 2012

Chilli plants ~ July 2012

I forgot to put the holes in the top of the bottles so will shall have to wait see how important they are but the only problem so far has been the return of the green-fly that were on some plants I was overwintering on my windowsill.

Homemade Plastic Bottle Sub-Irrigated Planter - July 2012

Homemade Plastic Bottle Sub-Irrigated Planter – July 2012

 The first flower opened on the 20th of June set fruit almost straight away and I’m hoping to get enough fruit to make a jar or two of my own chilli jam

Chilli ~ July 2012

Chilli ~ July 2012

Continuing with change and progress

June 2010

June 2010

This week I gave notice on my allotment plots.

I think it is time to move on from them for a few different reasons; life is still busy especially with starting a new job. I now have a better grasp of living in a two person household and the much smaller mountains of food that so few people get through and mostly it seems a little be of a waste of resources to pay rent and travel for my allotment plots when I have a large enough garden that is just a step outside my door in the mornings and is included in the rent for my house; I think the money saved will be much better off going into my ‘hobbit-hole’ fund.

It will also relieve me of the stress, restraints and compromise of working in a communal area which although has its upside seems to be getting more in the way of me succeeding at how I would like to grow food than helping me too at the moment.

July 2010

July 2010

What little bits I have grown this year are mostly in my garden at home so it will just be a case of collecting my things from my plots before handing them back for someone else to take on.

In some ways it feels like I am yet again starting from square one but I have been making plans for my garden since I moved and this will free me up to go forward with them and I have already put my first raised bed in with a spare hour I had one evening.