Flowers: Poppies, Sweetpeas & Sunflowers

I’ve never really bothered growing flowers much before but I think as I become less of a ‘traditional’ veg grower and learn more about the environment, permaculture and biodynmaics I am seeing growing food as a whole picture which includes the beauty and other benefits of plants that aren’t straight forward eatables. I still argue that vegetables can and do have their own special beauty but don’t feel so cheated by growing them amidst flowers and my view point that that’s not proper food growing has changed.

This year most of the flowers I have grown have been in the front garden from the packets of hoarded seeds I have scattered and I have been so pleased with the results;

Front garden blooms - 21st August 2011

Front garden blooms - 21st August 2011

The front patch of flowers has completely by accident mostly been red; red poppies, red sweetpeas and a mix of paler shades of pinks all set off by splashes of white and the striking yellow of the sunflowers.

Red field poppies - 20th August 2011

Red field poppies - 20th August 2011Sweetpea wigwam - 20th August 2011Sunflowers and poppies - 20th August 2011

Sweetpea wigwam - 20th August 2011

Sweetpea wigwam - 20th August 2011


First poppy of the year - 13th July 2011

First poppy of the year - 13th July 2011

Sweetpeas - 20th August 2011

Sweetpeas - 20th August 2011

There hasn’t really been any time for sitting and enjoying it this year but most of the flowers will have self seeded and I still have plenty of other packets of seeds tucked away awaiting daylight. I have plans on expanding on these as well with Calendula, Nasturtiums, many more Sunflowers, Lobelia, Poached Egg plant.
Inside I have already planted Crocuses, Dwarf Irises and Hyacinth bulbs so as the pots can be brought to my dad’s grave and inside when they are flowering.

4 responses to “Flowers: Poppies, Sweetpeas & Sunflowers

  1. I think a garden has a more natural feel when things are mixed up together and I guess one plant benefits another. Your summer flowers look great and a pleasant pick me up on for these dreary winter days.

  2. Hi Poppy, I’ve left an award for you over on my blog. You’re under no pressure to accept it, particularly as it’s a busy time of year, but it’s just really to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Wishing you a happy Christmas, Caro x
    P.S. Sorry I didn’t get it together to post an envelope for some strawberries – things just got too hectic! Maybe in the spring??

  3. Poppy

    Your pictures are a welcome sight on a wet December morning, I know chritmas will be difficult for you this year after losing your Dad but hope you come through the other side unscathed

    I too was rubbish at sorting out an envelope for the strawbs , if its not too late I could paypal you the money for postage and packaging


  4. Lovely lovely post! I’m sure you know how well it suits my flower loving sensibilities. The photos lift my heart and are making me think of summer and long sunny days 🙂 Wishing you a lovely midwinter festival Poppy. I’m sure you must be missing and thinking of your Dad a great deal – sending you love, peace and joy x

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