Alpine Strawberries

A tame Alpine strawberry plant before the explosion of runners - 22nd May 2011

A tame Alpine strawberry plant before the explosion of runners - 22nd May 2011

The Alpine strawberries in my garden seem to have exploded all of a sudden and are quickly taking over any earth their runners alight on.

I hate the thought of pulling up and composting strawberry plants, even Alpine ones so if anyone would like some plants for their own garden please let me know and I will happily post them in return for stamped SAE.

We also have far too much manure if anyone is in the area but it is a bit heavy to post!

5 responses to “Alpine Strawberries

  1. Hi Poppy

    My sons school is just starting a garden and they would be very grateful for some plants,.

    if you still have some and want to arrange postage my email is

  2. Hi Poppy, would love some strawberry plants, my allotment neighbour burned all mine! (Long story) Sue x

  3. Poppy I’d love some alpine strawberries for the children’s raised beds in the Veg Patch. If you email me we can work out postage costs and size of envelope. V. nice of you to do this! Caro x

  4. Hi Poppy, I adore alpine strawberries but they are so hard to come by here, all I have is one plant in a pot that will be planted out next spring at my allotment, no runners from it this year. I would love a runner if you have any spare once the people above have theirs? My email

    Many thanks too for following my blog!

    Karen x

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