A Day in the Month – October


Outside… It is hot, almost too hot but I’m not complaining

I am thinking or plotting… A new chapter; as of today I am unemployed and although there are some big negatives to that it is a chance for a change and I’m sure that can be a change for the better if I embrace it and make it so.

From the kitchen… I need to look up a chilli jam recipe as I now have a fridge draw full of ‘reduced to clear’ chillies.

I am wearing… Leggings with shorts over the top and a sleeveless black and white top

I am creating… This month I am hoping to get the allotment sorted a little more; put up the new chicken pen, move their house


I am reading… Nothing really, I haven’t even opened last months Grow Your Own magazine yet

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… I found this lovely big frog whilst clearing some ground at the allotment the other day

Allotment frog - 22nd September 2011

Allotment frog - 22nd September 2011

7 responses to “A Day in the Month – October

  1. Cute frog! Maybe you should try making a whole lot lot of sweet chilli sause! We go through bottles of the stuff … or sweet chilli, ginger and garlic sauce – even better. It is def a bit too hot at the moment.
    xxx Sammi

  2. That is the most beautiful frog, he’s huge! Wishing you all the best with the embracing change stuff x

  3. Hey Polly, I wish I did have a recipe cos we spend a fortune on the stuff! It’s called Linghams ginger garlic chilli sauce and the ingredients are:
    chilli 30%, ginger 10%, garlic 10%, sugar, vinegar, salt.
    You may be able to use the proportions to adapt an existing recipe. It makes an excellent additive to most food and lets me get away with some dreadful cooking!!!

  4. ps so sorry for getting your name wrong Poppy. x

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