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All hallows eve

Tonight is all hallows eve, or Samhain , but I much prefer the way all hallows eve sounds. To me this time of year has never been about spooks or trick-or-treat but has always stood for the Wiccan meaning of the day; a celebration of those lives who have passed. It is the start of the dark time of year, so always fits well with the clock change, but not dark in a sinister or foreboding meaning but in a soft and gentle way. The start of time to rest and regain strength for the next season.

I haven’t really marked the occasion for many years but have today by visiting my dads grave for the first time. I took some of the sweetpeas that are still going strong, spurred on my the warm spell a few weeks ago, in the front garden

Wordless Wednesday

Enjoying the evening sun - 16th April 2011

Enjoying the evening sun - 16th April 2011


Life seems very full at the moment but at the same time it is full of *plans* and *maybe’s* instead of definites.

Morning dew on a spiders web - October 2009

Morning dew on a spiders web - October 2009

Each day there is another job to enquire about, an application form to fill in, an interview to go to or a job centre visit to make but I still don’t have any confirmed work, just lots of possibles. With each job I try to work out how it would fit into my life, fit around other work and how much time it will leave for living at the end of each day, week or month. I think I may have to find something full-time, which I haven’t done for so long, but we shall see.

The kitchen, and house, is full of things to be made, done or stored. I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount of produce that has come from the allotment and garden given that I haven’t really grown anything, or so I’d thought. Ok, maybe thinking about it most of it has been forged and not really come from the allotment or garden but as least I can put a lane or track to where it has come from and it shall keep things going for a while.

Wind turbines - October 2009

Wind turbines - October 2009

And my mind is full of everything; lists of jobs to be done, plans for next years growing season, plans for what I should be doing and plans for what I want to be doing all crashing around and making it hard to see one job out before feeling that I should in fact be doing something else instead, something more important, or needed. I’ve started going to bed each night feeling like it has been another day wasted with nothing much getting done and waking up not knowing where to start or which list should take priority.

It is all very tiring but not in a good way.

The goats have started coming into season and already it’s time to be planning kidding in March and that can’t be right, surely things can’t be that far a head in the year already.

Everything it just so full on and urgent at the moment; it would be nice to be given some time to stand still and take a deep breath

Alpine Strawberries

A tame Alpine strawberry plant before the explosion of runners - 22nd May 2011

A tame Alpine strawberry plant before the explosion of runners - 22nd May 2011

The Alpine strawberries in my garden seem to have exploded all of a sudden and are quickly taking over any earth their runners alight on.

I hate the thought of pulling up and composting strawberry plants, even Alpine ones so if anyone would like some plants for their own garden please let me know and I will happily post them in return for stamped SAE.

We also have far too much manure if anyone is in the area but it is a bit heavy to post!

Wordless Wednesday

Fruit day harvest; sqaush and apples - 4th October 2011

Fruit day harvest; sqaush and apples - 4th October 2011


As seems to be the trend on gardening and allotment blogs thoughts are starting to turn to next year and plans for it and inparticular mine are turning to garlic.

My great Garlic Project of this year didn’t really got very well; firstly my careful labelling washed off in the rain, even after I went and bought special marker pens and everything, and then I think I harvested it a little to late as a lot of it seems to have pasted the nice big bulbs-with-lots-of-juice-cloves stage and split and formed into tiny little bulbs. This has meant I don’t really know what has grown well, or even if any of it has grown well. Apart from my Elephant Garlic which I couldn’t find a single bulb of so am classing that as a fail and probably won’t bother again for next year at least.

However one of the few things, ok only things, I have planned a head with is a garlic bed for this year which has been manured and rotting down under some black plastic, and a tonne of squash which have stretched themselves out over the top of the next bed, for most of the summer now and I would say is ready, right on time too.

Now the tricky part is; what garlic do I grow? Last year I tried Iberian Wight, Wight Cristo and Early Purple Wight. The first two were chosen after reading up on garlic and what might grow and then store best on my soil, etc. and them the latter was chosen as it seems to be a favourite of shops (and I had a voucher to spend). I could try the same and hope that it does better, or I could try something else.

The other thing I am trying to take into account is price and quantity. I want to grow A LOT of garlic as we use a lot of garlic, 2 – 3 bulbs a week and I would eat more if we had it, and growing garlic seems to cost a small fortune and if it doesn’t do very well then I am still going to buy in a lot on top of buying the growing bulbs themselves.

Whatever I decide I am going to have to make up my mind soon as this month is the month to be planting garlic; anyone have any suggestions for me?

A Day in the Month – October


Outside… It is hot, almost too hot but I’m not complaining

I am thinking or plotting… A new chapter; as of today I am unemployed and although there are some big negatives to that it is a chance for a change and I’m sure that can be a change for the better if I embrace it and make it so.

From the kitchen… I need to look up a chilli jam recipe as I now have a fridge draw full of ‘reduced to clear’ chillies.

I am wearing… Leggings with shorts over the top and a sleeveless black and white top

I am creating… This month I am hoping to get the allotment sorted a little more; put up the new chicken pen, move their house


I am reading… Nothing really, I haven’t even opened last months Grow Your Own magazine yet

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… I found this lovely big frog whilst clearing some ground at the allotment the other day

Allotment frog - 22nd September 2011

Allotment frog - 22nd September 2011