Our thoughts are with you…

Sweetpeas; My dads favourite flowers - 20th August 2011

Sweetpeas; My dads favourite flowers - 20th August 2011

My dad died on Thursday the 11th of August at 4.15am.

He had taken a few turns for the worst over the weekend and beginning of the week but we still hoped, and tried… My mum hardest of all.

Everyone is sending their best and thinking of us.

6 responses to “Our thoughts are with you…

  1. Our condolences to you and you family. Mo & Steve

  2. Dear Poppy
    I’ve been following your blog and am so sorry to hear about your Dad.

    With deepest condolences to all your family

  3. A Life Less Simple

    Thank you both

  4. Oh Poppy – I just dropped by your blog to catch up. I am so very sorry about your Dad. Thinking of you and all your family as you are grieving and wishing you love, courage and peace. Laura xxx

  5. Louise Pen y Graig

    Oh, I’m so sorry

  6. I am so sorry to read your sad news poppy and hope you are all doing as best as you can under the circumstances

    I will be thinking of you over the coming days


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