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Poppies cakes for a Poppy

Corn poppy getting ready to flower - 11th July 2011

Corn poppy getting ready to flower - 11th July 2011

It isn’t really surprising that given my name and the fact that most of my life is spent with my hands in some kind of dirt that many people give me packets of poppy seeds as gifts and I have quite a little collection. Mostly they just sit in my seed box as I don’t really have a use for them, with a few being sown here and there every so often.

Now I have a poppy plan though; after having a poppy seed and carrot muffin I want to grow and make my own. So out came the seed boxes and I have been through all of the poppy seeds I have, I mostly have lots of smaller headed poppies but there are a few ‘good ones*’ and I am not too late to sow some of them, including this one which actually talks about eating the seed heads in the description.  

Carrots don’t seem to be doing so well this year but there is still time for them too.

*If anyone has any large-headed poppies I can add to my collection they would be gratefully received

More potatoes

Sorting and weighing; self-sown potato harvest - 3rd July 2011

Sorting and weighing; self-sown potato harvest - 3rd July 2011

Yesterday I spent the morning manning the allotment which were open to the public as part of the village open gardens. It wasn’t busy, two people drove in, stopped and looked from their car and left without even opening the door, so we managed to get some things done.

Whilst I was doing some smaller jobs my HelpX helper dug up some of the self-sown potatoes and it wasn’t a bad harvest at all – 9.9kgs from only about half of the plants which haven’t even had the time of planting put into them!

Sorted; self-sown potato harvest - 3rd July 2011

Sorted; self-sown potato harvest - 3rd July 2011

Today I sorted them into sizes – Large, medium large, smaller, salad and smallest. There seem to be two different types with some being a little like Charlottes and I’ve no idea about the others. Some have already gone into a potato salad and a few more are in the oven roasting for tonight’s dinner.

I’ve also managed (or between us we have) cleared some of the back garden which I’ve hardly even been in for the last month, prick out 72 loose leaf lettuces, pot on sprout plants (which I hope to sort and grow in the back garden along with other winter veg) and collect and sow some chive seeds.

Not a bad day really.

A Day in the Month – July


Outside… It is mid afternoon, it’s been sunny for most of the day but has clouded over a little now 

I am thinking or plotting… A weekend of garden and allotmentness. This weekend is open gardens for both and I have a HelpX person staying (she arrived on Wednesday) and so hopefully will be able to get some two people jobs done. Also very much looking for a week off, I really do need it!

From the kitchen… I’m thinking cauliflower cheese fir dinner, possibly with roast potatoes

I am wearing… Short trousers, a red top with a flower on and blue and pink striped socks.

I am creating… Still ongoing with the order, and I have been cutting up lots of plastic for a mat, I hate running out half way through and having to stop weaving to cut more up.

I am going… To the allotment soon, and to buy a cauli for dinner I guess

I am reading… I’m dipping in and out lots of things are the moment but Living the Good Life is the book holding all my garden notes

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… The most exciting thing to happen last month was this swarm of bees landing across the road from our house (e.g. my mothers house), they are now living in a top bar hive in the garden and touch wood are staying put meaning we now have bees!!!

Bee Swarm - 16th June 2011

Bee Swarm - 16th June 2011