Summer Solstice

Lettuce plantlets - 22nd June 2011

Lettuce plantlets - 22nd June 2011

I can’t believe yesterday was the longest day of the year and from now on we are heading back towards winter… I am sure I say this every year but this year is going too fast.

So much has happened; and that is possibly an understatement. And lots is still happening and changing and will be for a while to come yet.

I always mean to mark the solstices in some way but never quite organise myself to do so and yesterday was sadly the same. At the winter Solstice I had thought about a trip to Avebury to see the stone circle for this one but that plan hasn’t happened. Oh well, another year maybe.

When I was little the winter Solstice use to be our Christmas so as my half brother and sister could spent our ‘Christmas’ with us and Christmas with their mum. It was special and I wish there was more time to mark these occasions instead of getting swept along with one big event a year.

This evening I have sown a first batch of Florence Fennel, something new to try growing, pricked out a tray of lettuce and sown another tray in the mission to grow enough salad for Rhys lunch each day.

7 responses to “Summer Solstice

  1. we make our own celebrations these days. so much more restful and feels less obligatory than doing what everyone else does 🙂

    • A Life Less Simple

      I would love to do that but there just seem to be too many outside forces that come into play for that to happen at the moment, work, other peoples work, family, extended family, Rhys’s family

  2. One of my living in the moment resolutions was to try to celebrate more in small ways – if that makes sense? The weekly meal with my M&D is quite feastly, especially eating stuff we’ve grown (actually not that much so far…. have your courgettes taken off yet? mine are still really small and flowerless 😦 never failed with courgettes before!) Impressed with your lettuce mission. Due to my bad planning we’re still lurching from glut to fast…

    • A Life Less Simple

      My courgettes are still only a little bit bigger then when I planted them out a whole month ago now, I just don’t understand it but am glad it’s not just me. I think my lettuce mission is still going to be sliding from fasting to glut, although I am trying to sow 12 seeds each leaf planting day so hopefully it will even itself out

  3. I too cant believe we are on the downward slope to winter, as you say a busy year.

    Good luck with your salad challenge

  4. Summer Solstice was spent hiding from the rain for me here in Blaenau!

  5. Its a strange one – we always make a big thing of the winter solstice, cooking a big meal from as much of our produce as we can for all my immediate family. I love doing it, and find it stops me getting caught up in all the mad stuff around Christmas.

    I hardly ever celebrate the summer though. Maybe its because there is so much else going on, or perhaps I find the winter solstice more significant as we’re kind of turning a corner?

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