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Summer Solstice

Lettuce plantlets - 22nd June 2011

Lettuce plantlets - 22nd June 2011

I can’t believe yesterday was the longest day of the year and from now on we are heading back towards winter… I am sure I say this every year but this year is going too fast.

So much has happened; and that is possibly an understatement. And lots is still happening and changing and will be for a while to come yet.

I always mean to mark the solstices in some way but never quite organise myself to do so and yesterday was sadly the same. At the winter Solstice I had thought about a trip to Avebury to see the stone circle for this one but that plan hasn’t happened. Oh well, another year maybe.

When I was little the winter Solstice use to be our Christmas so as my half brother and sister could spent our ‘Christmas’ with us and Christmas with their mum. It was special and I wish there was more time to mark these occasions instead of getting swept along with one big event a year.

This evening I have sown a first batch of Florence Fennel, something new to try growing, pricked out a tray of lettuce and sown another tray in the mission to grow enough salad for Rhys lunch each day.