It’s raining, it’s pouring…

It has been a while since I’ve blogged and it hasn’t been that I haven’t meant to or wanted to; it has been that nothing feels news worthy at the moment.

Everything seems to be plodding along, with lots happening but possibly nothing more than getting through another week.

I have been to the allotment and gardened but everything other than weeds seem to be stood still. I am not sure that my courgette plants have grown at all since putting them in… Is it just me? Do they not like where I’ve planted them, or am I not watering them enough? I am still waiting for my goats to kid, but that is getting less and less likely now. I have made a batch of Elderflower cordial, using Colour It Green’s excellent recipe and am drinking my way through it whilst picking out the best spots for my next pickings and waiting for another dry day to make some more.

I worked far too hard over the May bank holiday, my own fault for wanting to do everything and be everywhere, and now I have a cold. Which I am ignoring in the hope that it will go away whilst my throat slowly becomes rawer and my voice hoarser and the coughing keeps me  awake a little later each night. Maybe I should succumb and allow myself to lay on the sofa for a day but I have too many things to do, and too many things I want to do.

There are only a few weeks of funding for my current work left, I have a job until the end of September but it will never be the same come the end of this month and I am pushing myself to be there everyday until the end; to answer the hard questions that don’t really have an answer, keep my promise that I will be there every week until this date and deal with the upset, of which there has been lots. Over half term we held a celebration event to mark the end of our funding, a conversation happened about photo permissions and I was asked how many of the kids there I knew and could ask for permission after the event and as I looked out across the field I realised I knew most, not quite all but only by one or two, of the 150 kids there in  just one of the parks I visit weekly. Admittedly that is the busiest but that has been build up from not seeing anyone for the first few weeks of us being there; the park is now owned by the kids who live there, even if some of them are only allowed there when me and the other play rangers are there and I don’t want that to stop.

My dad is unwell again; I have almost lost count of the number of times he has been in hospital since Easter but he has certainly spend as much time there as he has at home. There is nothing anyone can really do though other than all pull together and get on with it but it is hard, especially for mother, keeping on top of what is happening with him and questioning everything as some of the treatments and medicine just don’t seem to be the most logical or best course of action, to us any way.

In spite of all this though life doesn’t feel all doom and gloom; just very full!

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