Lent 2011; Done and dusted

Potting on plants with 'unwashed' hair - 20th April 2011

Potting on plants with 'unwashed' hair - 20th April 2011

I finished my Lention vows on Saturday, I haven’t done too badly but I haven’t done great either;

Keeping to my hours at work – I tried on the first week, tried again on the second week and then it all went out the window with things that ‘had to be done’. FAIL

Facebook –  Other than two occasions, which Rhys has assured me do not count, I have done it! But did ‘have’ log on once to try to contact my sister when our father was taken into hospital (and was rushed back in again on Sunday) and the other the very next day when to my horror one of the kids at work asked me about some of the people in my photos, which they shouldn’t have been able to access!!! Still haven’t worked out what setting is allowing them to either… So I didn’t manage to completely survive without it but did mostly.

Shampoo – I haven’t used any since March the 9th and the mixture that I am using (bicarb, vingar and tea) is working so well I don’t intend to either. My hair is clean, shiny and, well… Hair

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