Oh where oh where can my little cat be

Biscuit - 4th April 2011

Biscuit - 4th April 2011

This weekend has been an emotional wringer; late Saturday afternoon we let the cats out to roam around the garden whilst we were home, it started to get dark and we called them back in but only two arrived back. We waited some more, had dinner and it went completely dark; still no sign of Biscuit.

Rhys stayed up most of the night waiting for her to come back from wherever she was, still nothing and still no sign at 5am when I got up for the sheep run and still nothing when I got home. In fact nothing all day.

Sunday evening I sat outside in the dark listening and waiting; maybe if she had got shut in someones shed then I would hear her calling but nothing. I heard two cats growling at each other but only caught sight of one of them.

Monday morning I phoned all vets in the area, and in the two neighbouring area; still nothing. I made a poster and printed off a load before leaving for work, emailing Rhys asking to call in at the neighbours asking if they had seen her and leave a poster if there was no reply.

She was home safe and sound by the time I got in from work. She’d been hanging around for the whole time she was ‘missing’ and just playing silly buggers.

5 responses to “Oh where oh where can my little cat be

  1. Gah! I swear I lose decades off my life when cats do that! Glad she came home safely.

  2. heh – the little fink

    glad she is ok 🙂

  3. My boy cat does that two or three times a year. It usually corresponds with the time baby rabbits come above ground. He goes off for a hunt fest.

    It’s still very worrying though and I sleep very fitfully until he’s back.

  4. phew I’m glad that story had a happy ending!

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