Daily Archives: April 2, 2011

A Day in the Month – April 2011

FOR TODAY… A day late as I completely forgot that yesterday was the 1st of the month

Outside… I have lots of seeds come though on the patio, my strawberries are looking lovely and green and bushy (or the ones in the planter are any way) and across the road I can see a field full of ewes and lambs that belong to the farm down the road to me and lots of catkins on the trees.

I am thinking or plotting… A list of jobs and what I show be sowing today/this month

From the kitchen… I can’t decide if to have nettle or leek and potato soup or maybe even something egg based

I am wearing… A cardy and old trousers

I am thankful for… No one thing

I am creating… A summer full of home-grown food?? If that counts

I am going… To shut the chickens in later but nowhere else

I am reading… The Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar 2011, at the moment the section about producing seeds  

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… This is a photo from Squidoo and I think is the design I am going to use for my plastic bottle green house; which I’m starting to build later this month

Plastic Bottle Green House

Plastic Bottle Green House