The weather this weekend was beautiful; sunny and warm.

I was at a conference on Saturday but on Sunday I managed to get lots done even though I was on the ‘4am shift’. We finished sorting and burning the pile of hawthorn that was cut down at the end of last year as it was shading to much of the vegetable patch – all before 11.30am.

Then in the afternoon I finally got to spend some time at the allotment, mostly tidying and moving manure but also sowed the first beetroot. MYS has moved into a house with a much bigger garden and an old vegetable patch so I am taking on her plot on the understanding that if her house doesn’t work out she can have it back so I have so rethinking to do. I did start turning over a bed to sow so carrots but then couldn’t decide if I should use it for carrots or garlic…

At home I have sown salad, cabbage, leeks, parsnips, sweetpeas and cauliflowers although the chicks have learned how to get out of their brooder and may have eaten the sweetpeas and caulies, Grr… I still have plenty more seeds that need using up.

I am still trying to work out when to start things like beans and tomatoes lots of people of forums seem to have already started or be starting theres off but I have very limited indoor space and there are still a fair few cold or frosty nights happening. I have exactly the right amount of bobby bean (otherwise known as French beans) seed and so don’t want to risk any of them. I have some dwarf bean seeds though so I may start those off and see what happens

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  1. Love reading your blog and seeing the photos.
    Lovin’ your ickle chicks- we have 12 who are 3 weeks old tomorrow.
    We also have 2 pullets but haven’t managed to integrate them with the 4 older chickens yet – we need to before the chicks are older and go out there.

    Any tips on integration?

    • A Life Less Simple

      You could try setting their pens up together so as they get use to each other or if you can let them all out together with you for the afternoon and then put them to bed together or just put the pullets in with the older hens after dark.

      You will always get a little bit of fighting as they sort out a pecking order but it doesn’t normally get any worse than that if you keep an eye on them

  2. That is great that you’ve got some extra space. I agree, it is a pretty tough decision on the carrot/garlic front. I hope all your seedlings are doing well!

    I don’t think I’ll be planting tomatos or runner/french beans until about mid April. Like you I haven’t got a huge amount of indoor space, but also I don’t want to be in a position where they are big enough to go outside, but frosts are still a risk.

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