And the sowing begins…

Kestrel seed potatoes chitting - 15th March 2011

Kestrel seed potatoes chitting - 15th March 2011

I made it all the way to my March the 1st starting line for sowing seeds and celebrated by sowing leeks and sweetpeas, finishing planting the last of the garlic, I know it was very late, and planting the first seed potatoes and buying and setting the allotment ones to chit. That was all on the 1st of this month and hasn’t time started to fly…

Since then I have sown lots of sweetpeas, cauliflowers, leeks, started parsnip seed chitting and am doing a germination test on some old carrot seeds that I have.

I can’t wait for the lighter evenings when I’ll maybe get some time to spend on the allotment after work but in the meantime I seem to have replaced facebook with gardening forums

3 responses to “And the sowing begins…

  1. OK, chitting means?

  2. ah – genius idea of chitting potatoes in egg boxes! Thank you! I’ll be doing that tomorrow as well as sowing some window sill seeds. I’m going to try to be sensible and restrained this year as we’ve only got a titchy garden… always ends up covered in squash plants… love your beautiful pics of sheep lambs and chicks.

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