Hatching has been and happened; even though I had the date written down and knew full well when it was going to happen it still seems to catch me out, for a started it happened a whole day earlier than it should have!

Hatching out - 4th March 2011

Hatching out - 4th March 2011

This was the first time I have used my new incubator (I have had it for over a year now though) and it has done pretty well. Seven out of twelve Silver Dorking eggs hatched, which possible doesn’t sound like the greatest hatch rate but it is still early in the year and I haven’t checked the others to see what was in them.

It does have one big design floor though as once the chicks have hatched and started to move around they can fall into the water pot which means I can’t leave them in there for the first twenty hours so as they absorb the goodness and anti-bodies from the yoke sack before feeding them chick crumbs and I lost one chick because it drowned itself before I realised the danger.

Silver Dorking chicks; 5 days old - 9th March 2011

Silver Dorking chicks; 5 days old - 9th March 2011

Sadly none of the Maran eggs hatched.

2 responses to “Hatching

  1. Great going Poppy , shame about the Marans

    I have used one of those incubators and found that one of the spare dividers just fits the gap left over the water , so with a few days to go i remove all the dividers except one at either side of the grid and use one to cover the floor gap , worked for me.

    I hatched anothe batch of quail 2 weeeks ago 9/12 hatched , need to advertise new homes for some of them , as i have my eye on some more eggs …..well you have to stir up the gene pool 🙂


  2. Awww how cute they look too… Making me want chickens even more than I already do! 🙂

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