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A Day in the Month – March 2011


Outside… It is dark and there are lots of pots of things, the start of my fruit garden and my first seed potatoes started off in potato sacks

I am thinking or plotting… I am very cross; lambing started this morning and this evening a neighbour found one of our ewes killed by a dog, why the f*ck do people allow their dogs to roam around and chase sheep!! It is not ok because ‘it’s just a sheep’, it’s not just a sheep it is a living creature that feels fear and pain and has a story and a life of its own even if no one knows what it is.

From the kitchen… I am eating omelette and chips, we had to use some eggs up

I am wearing… Muddy jeans and a fleecy jumper

I am thankful for… Cloffuem (not sure that is how you spell it) which is a homeopathic remedy that safely delivered the set of twins born this evening

I am creating… Nothing really, just lots of ideas and no time

I am going… on a bus ride in the morning

I am reading… The same as in January, but I have been and sorted out my library membership

I am hoping… That tomorrow will not be the only dry day this week, and that Rhys gets Friday off and maybe the promotion that is was interviewed for today, very odd seeing him come home in a suit

I am hearing… Whatever Rhys is watching

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… I wish I could live in a house like this in the middle of no where (although this house is not in the middle of no where but one of the domes at the Eden Project)

The Eden Project - September 2010

The Eden Project - September 2010