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A Day in the Month – February 2011


Outside… It is just getting light, by the time I’ve finished writing this it should be light enough to see

I am thinking or plotting… If I should go to tonight’s LETS meeting or should I stay at home with my seed box making lists?

From the kitchen… The kettle is on for a second cup of tea for the morning. Last night I’d planned on making cauliflower cheese for dinner but all the cauliflowers seem to be from France, did all ours get spoilt in the snow?

I am wearing… Animal clothes; worn out jeans over leggings, a fleecey jumper and scarf but am about to change into work clothes and leave for the day

I am thankfully for… The lighter mornings and evenings

I am creating… Still knitting the same mitten as this time last month

I am going… To let my chickens out and then work for the day

I am reading… Nothing at the moment, I haven’t really had the time lately but I am planning a visit to the library soon as I have some books I want to order. I haven’t finished the book I was reading last month, it is just sat on the floor where I was reading it last

I am hoping… Nothing really

I am hearing… Cars passing outside and if I listen very carefully the cats downs stairs, and the very start of the dawn chorus. It is odd not having so many noises around

Here is a picture I want to sharing and why… I took this photo when I went on my basket weaving course and it reminds me of early mornings for some reason

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