Daily Archives: January 5, 2011

Washing Machine

Our new washing machine was delivered today.

It is the only item we have both agreed we need a new one of instead of trying to find it second-hand from somewhere or someone. We have had many second-hand washing machines before but they never last long as we are so hard on them and being without clean work clothes or ones that end up smelling of things such as male goat just isn’t something we can let happen.

So a new one we have, but I have tried to find the best energy rated one that we could afford, AAB rated, and instead of using laundry powder we are going to be using homemade laundry ‘gloop’, which is something mother found a while ago and has been tried and tested.

Laundry gloop is very easy to make and a bucket lasts ages, even in a full of outdoor, muddy people.