Beanie babies for sale

Jelly bean babies

Jelly bean babies

I have decided to readvertise the beanie babies, I had promised them to someone but they are not sure when they might be able to have them and with me moving I think it is for the best to find them a new home somewhere they can go to soon so as I can put the time that I am going to have for my goats into the ones I am going to keep instead of spreading myself to thinly. They are also bullying Lilah, who doesn’t find it easy to eat anyway because of some missing teeth, so it will make looking after her easier if they are not here as well.

I do feel a little bit bad about not being able to keep them on like I had promised but things have changed since I said I would and so it is something I think I have to do for me and the other goats.

They have been put in kid to Knightshade and will be due to kid from mid-March. They will make someone a lovely set of milkers but must stay together as they have always lived together and are very close.

If you are looking for some goats, or know someone who is, please email me alifelesssimple @

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