Growing up and moving on

The last week or so has been a bit of a rollercoaster and I haven’t known whether I’ve been coming or going really, I have been moody, sad and very, very excited with a little bit of stressed mix in for good measure.

Firstly middles died, which was different in an odd way to if she had been something else. I know about lambs or goat kids dying, I know that sometimes they are born to weak to make it and you sort of get a second sence and just know it somehow, you still try your best and do all you can to keep them going and ask could I have done more or something different. I know lambs and goat kids, I know how they should be but I don’t know kittens in the same way. I have read up on what you should do but it is not the same and still felt like guess work bringing them up and so I just don’t know if I would have spotted something, or done something differently if I had had more experience and grown up with kittens the same way as I have grown up with sheep and goats.  

Snowy tree - 23rd December 2010

Snowy tree - 23rd December 2010

Then there has been all the snow this week; which has more or less been something and nothing. It has meant more work in some ways, middle-young-sister has not been able to make it home until today, Rhys has worked from home a few times when he got sent home because of the snow but we seem to have been a lot better set up for it this year than others and so there hasn’t been any walking for miles to get to anyone with their dinner or anything like that.

And then there has been the excitement, the supressed excitement (incase full-blown shouting it excitement meant it didn’t happen) and the stress of sorting out and return all the paper work, with no working printer might I add, and then the waiting for the checks to go through…

Until me and Rhys collected the keys to our new house yesterday morning!!!! 

My new house - 23rd December 2010

My new house - 23rd December 2010

We shall be starting 2011 together in our own, three bedroom with a lovely kitchen, utility room AND gardens front and back, house two villages over. It is going to be a big change, but a positive one and I am very much looking forward to running my own home and hopefully setting it up in as ‘green’ a way as possible.

My garden - 23rd December 2010

My garden - 23rd December 2010

4 responses to “Growing up and moving on

  1. wow Poppy, thats big news. Roll on 2011 and the joys of home making :o)

  2. Oh wow

    thats fab news , good luck in your new home . Cant wait to see what you do to the place

  3. A great way to start a new year, in a new home. You’re the 2nd couple this week I’ve heard of that will be starting 2011 in their own home. It will be so exciting for you both.

  4. New Year, New Home.
    A good start, and all the best.

    A friend has just had two cats die by the turn of the year. One had been ill and she had been the second one’s best friend. Now the other six are sitting by the woodburner….

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