RIP Little Middles

Middles died on Friday.

Last Sunday she was off her food and when we did manage to get her to eat something on Monday was sick almost straight away so we took her to our vets first thing on Tuesday. They put her on a drip and kept her in to try to find out what was wrong. On Wednesday they got her to eat and it sounded like she might be coming home but she was sick again later.

Middles at about two months old, with Baggie - August 2010

Middles at about two months old, with Baggie - August 2010

On Thursday she was given some special beads so as they could track them by x-ray through her system, which confirmed some sort of blockage stopping food passing any further and so on Friday morning they operated to remove whatever was causing the blockage.

The kittens first meal - 1st August 2010

The kittens first meal - 1st August 2010

They found she had intercuception (not sure about the spelling) which is where the stomach or intestines fold in on themselves and carry on folding in on themselves when food is taken through the digestive system until causing a blockage.

The operation was a success and they removed the effected part of her intestines but she died as she was coming round from the anesthetic.

5 responses to “RIP Little Middles

  1. It’s always sad to lose a family member whatever their species and however long they have been a part of your life 😦 Hope you find solace in remembering the good times you had with her and the joy she brought you in her short life. xx

  2. How sad, I’m sorry.

  3. So sorry to read this – long may her good memories stay with you.
    {HUG} x

  4. poor wee thing. Cats are so stoical and even if they’re in pain they hide it well.
    I hope that wasn’t the case for Middles and at least she’s not suffering now.

  5. I’m so sorry. It’s so hard to watch our little furry or feathered guys in pain.

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