Daily Archives: November 23, 2010

A special visitor

One of the many wild creatures we live along side here are deer, and at this time of year with leafs falling all around you can often spot small herds, or if you are lucky a large herd, disappearing back from the roadside into the trees, and  over recent years there seem to be more and more, either that or they are getting used to people and coming closer to roads and villages.  

The down side to this is that so many get hit on the roads each year. It isn’t a too regular occurrence but often at this time of year someone will come home late from somewhere as they have been assisting with a fallen deer on the roadside. Sadly this is normally only keeping them in the dark and as calm as possible whilst they die, but we always stop and do what we can.

And this is how we have come to a have a not so usual guest;

Gracie - November 2010

This is Gracie. At first she was named Hope as we weren’t sure if she would make it through the first night, but is more of a Gracie than a Hope.

Her mum was hit by a car whilst crossing the road and Gracie was hit by the car following. Her mum was killed outright but Gracie got up and ran off up the hill where middle-younger-sister caught her. It is likely that she was concussed (after speaking to a wildlife centre) as she didn’t seem to be able to see and she has lost some teeth but is doing fine and we will release her back into the wild as soon as we have arranged somewhere safe for her.

Many people don’t know what to do with deer; especially an injured one and why would anyone? Deer are not social (with humans) animals in any way and should be left alone if at all possible to stop them going into shock which they can die of. If it is not possible to leave them alone then beware that they are VERY strong, even the littles ones. Decide what you are going to do and do it, trying to catch one and then not will only scare them.  Keep them in the dark, a blanket or jumper over the head will stop them panicking as much, and as quiet as possible as they won’t find ‘soothing’ noises soothing. If you are not able to deal with them then find someone who can e.g. a wildlife centre or a vet.

Middle-young-sister only caught Gracie as she was hurt and not behaving in a ‘normal’ way and we had a suitable place to put her.

Sadly if you are able to get anywhere near a deer they are normally more hurt than they may look.