Daily Archives: November 12, 2010

Dear Secert Santa

Under my normal rules talk of Christmas is banned until December the 1st and only then if people really have too but this year has been different, I have not managed to avoid noticing the shelves in supermarkets became laden with Christmasy things at the same time as they bought out the Halloween things e.g. as they packed the summer BBQs, furniture and outdoor games and I have already spent some time poking fun at some friends who have already completed and wrapped their Christmas shopping (their argument is that it is now done and, apart from food shopping, there is nothing more to do and so can enjoy themselves and possibly poke fun at me when I go shopping in the week before Christmas…)

But any way, that is not why this year is different. This year we are having a family ‘Secret Santa*’ instead of everyone getting everyone else something we have all taken a gift tag with someone’s name on it and we have all written a list or something that we would like, to the value of about £25, and stuck it to the fridge.

Hopefully this will mean that everyone gets something that would like to open on Christmas Day and not so many ‘things’. I like the idea of a family ‘Secret Santa’, it makes the idea of present giving a lot simple and more personal.

*normally we only have Father Christmas at home but ‘Secret Father Christmas’ doesn’t flow so well