Save our public woodland and forests

The Government is proposing to sell of woodland owned by the  Forestry Commission all over the UK to help clear the deficit. They have said that it is not fair for future generations to be paying it off but personally I would like to keep our public woodland and help pay off the deficit;

The government wants to sell off more than half of our national forests to private firms. This could mean ancient woodlands are chopped down and ruined. Wildlife would have to make way for Centre Parcs style holiday villages, golf courses and commercial logging.

We need to stop these plans. Ancient forests like The Forest of Dean and Sherwood Forest are national treasures – once they are gone, they will be lost forever.”

If you too believe this to be wrong please sign the online petition HERE and pass it on to as many friends and family as possible


7 responses to “Save our public woodland and forests

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  2. Thanks for posting this. I signed the petition and I’ll be blogging about it too. I also saw the petition to try and stop the massive inhumane super dairy from going ahead, which is one I’ll be particularly vocal about.

  3. Yes, you are saying right, we all should take effective step in this way. Because it’s our treasure and once lost it then no any chance to get back. Thanks for draw our attention toward this problem.

  4. Cheers for this, I’d not heard this and remember how much I valued having the Forest of Dean a picnic’s basket away as a kid.

  5. If they are going to sell forests and woodland off it needs to be agreed with any buyer that it is to be left as it is and can’t be built on etc.

  6. Hi

    Well done and thankyou for taking up this campaign. The thought of even more of Wild Britian being lost is horrifying.


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